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**SOLD**Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** A Quartz Point jam-packed with Black Tourmaline! Almost 1 1/2 lbs. of frosty Quartz enclose a bevy of Black Tourmaline needles that compose a crazy every-which-way design. So why is Black Tourmaline so special? Black Tourmaline (also known as Schorl) is jet-black, ....more info

$145.00 USD
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Clear Quartz "Swirl" Point

**$72.00** Check Out This Fantastic Clear Quartz Anomaly! You'll see an attractive Clear Quartz Crystal Point, light and bright, with A+ clarity, nice polish, and flat-cut base. But the interior is definitely not the norm! Tiny wispy veils have formed into delicate swirls of frosty curlicues and ....more info

$72.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Faceted Heart

**$102.00** Light and Bright! Exquisite Facets and A+ Clarity define this expertly sculpted heart of 100% Quartz. Look for delicate wispy veils and shiny, silvery foil inclusions scattered within a sea of crystal-clear Quartz. Whether used as a decorator piece, paperweight, or simply as a way to ....more info

$102.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Flame w/Rainbow

**$146.00** High Clarity Diva! Super transparency highlights super inclusions in this Clear Quartz Flame from Brazil. A+ clarity sets the standard, while wispy veils and silvery foils float completely down one side of this artistically carved 4-faceted Flame. A shiny polish runs from the flat-cut ....more info

$146.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Generator Tower w/Stand

Exquisite Clear Quartz Point! High-clarity and delicate airy inclusions characterize this captivating Tower of pure Quartz. Wispy veils seem to float in air, capturing happy flashes of rainbows here and there - a very fun visual display! But this crystal isn't just about good looks. With its ....more info

$252.00 USD
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Girasol & Orange Hematite Free-Form Flame

Opalized Quartz! Referred to as Girasol , this Opalized Quartz Free-Form is shaped into a contemporary 6-surfaced Flame, 5 of them terminating at the top into one perfect tip. Great clarity shows off a beautiful interior of semi-translucent milky Quartz , complete with reflective surfaces, ....more info

$268.00 USD
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Large Fluorite Tower on Stand

Intense Colors and Impressive Generator Termination adorn this strikingly beautiful Fluorite Tower from China. Varied layers of vivid purple, green, blue and white swirl throughout the ravishing interior of translucent to opaque Fluorite. Love that Fluorite blue that winds around the point! ....more info

$426.00 USD
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Light Smoky Quartz Wand w/Chlorite & Stand

A Beautiful, Smoky Quartz Tower from Brazil! This Smoky has it all! A light shade of "smoke" provides a bit of grounding energy for the high-clarity interior , and is also a great complementary coloring to the awesome gray Chlorite layers near the perfect termination. Nice inclusions and resulting ....more info

$123.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Elestial, Time Link, Phantom Point

Look Inside this Majestic Smoky Quartz! It's high-clarity Sea of Quartz showcases one of the best examples of color-zoning you'll see. Thin straight layers of "smoke" crisscross the upper interior, while a more diffuse form of smoke appears in the bottom half. With the correct angle and right ....more info

$265.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Flame w/Rutile

Tinged with a light Smoky aura , this exquisite Quartz Flame is simply sublime! Delicate needles of shiny golden Rutile, especially near the top, grow like a garden of tall grasses - wow! Artful shaping has resulted in smooth facets, a straight-line "wrinkle" on one side, and a flat base for ....more info

$126.00 USD
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