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A+ Smoky Quartz Sculpture

Double Terminations, Too! High polish, skillful carving, and soft lines are but a few of the attractive outer visuals of this high-quality free-form Smoky Quartz . In fact, being sculpted into its most unique horizontal, double-terminated shape does wonders for highlighting the spectacular inner ....more info

$387.00 USD
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Citrine Quartz Point w/Rainbow

**$266.00** Citrine is like the sun! But THIS Citrine is both summer and winter, all wrapped up into one exquisite, lightly-tinted yellowish Point. You'll note right off that the lovely Citrine color will change in the light, from pale to darker, depending on its surroundings and light source. A ....more info

$266.00 USD
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Clear Quartz DT & Master Channeling Crystal

**$156.00** With Rutile and Hematite, Too! Double Terminations are Awesome! Double Termination is forever a sought-after crystal feature for many excellent reasons. If you need to direct/move energy rapidly, the DT is your crystal. Need an outstanding communication tool that will keep you energized ....more info

$156.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Generator Tower w/Stand

Exquisite Clear Quartz Point! High-clarity and delicate airy inclusions characterize this captivating Tower of pure Quartz. Wispy veils seem to float in air, capturing happy flashes of rainbows here and there - a very fun visual display! But this crystal isn't just about good looks. With its ....more info

$252.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Phantom Point w/Chlorite & 8 Face Facets

A++ Clarity! This Exquisite Crystal is Incredibly Special! First of all, this stunning Quartz has Eight Face Facets (rather than the normal six)! Not your regular Quartz Crystal! Next, you can't miss the scattered sparks of dark green Chlorite that actually DO reflect the light and twinkle like ....more info

$140.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Pyramid w/Rutile

Pyramid Power! Pyramids don't often appear with the high degree of clarity showing in this little sparkler. But this

$260.00 USD
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Diamantina Laser Wand

**$700.00** Diamantina Mine. In the Quartz crystal world, the name "Diamantina" instantly evokes visionary images of ancient civilizations, cryptic Lemurian codes, and highest-quality crystal messengers. Why? Because from this mine comes arguably the finest Lemurian Laser Wands in the world! So it ....more info

$700.00 USD
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Fluorite Point w/Dendrite Flowers

**$148.00** Beautiful Fluorite Specimen! With a hint of blue infused into the green color of this fancy Fluorite, the resulting hue makes the perfect translucent backdrop for the phenomenal cream-colored Dendrite Flowers (Manganese Oxide) on the upper half of this spectacular Point! How cool is ....more info

$148.00 USD
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Girasol & Orange Hematite Free-Form Flame

Opalized Quartz! Referred to as Girasol , this Opalized Quartz Free-Form is shaped into a contemporary 6-surfaced Flame, 5 of them terminating at the top into one perfect tip. Great clarity shows off a beautiful interior of semi-translucent milky Quartz , complete with reflective surfaces, ....more info

$268.00 USD
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Large Fluorite Tower on Stand

Intense Colors and Impressive Generator Termination adorn this strikingly beautiful Fluorite Tower from China. Varied layers of vivid purple, green, blue and white swirl throughout the ravishing interior of translucent to opaque Fluorite. Love that Fluorite blue that winds around the point! ....more info

$426.00 USD
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