**SOLD**Amethyst Quartz DOW Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**There is much more to this beautiful Amethyst Quartz Point than first meets the eye! This is a DOW crystal! Translated, this means that structurally, this crystal was naturally formed with three 7-sided Face Facets with triangle Facets in between (7-3-7-3-7-3). And that, ....more info

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**SOLD**Amethyst Rainbow Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Translucent and Terrific! Even transparent in spots, this lovely Amethyst allows a super good look into the usually-hidden Amethyst interior. And with that open inner viewing comes the unexpected sighting of the most incredible rainbow! In fact, there are rainbows ....more info

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**SOLD**Citrine Quartz Flame

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Diamantina Beauty! A+ Clarity is the backdrop for this skillfully sculptured Citrine Quart Flame from the Diamantina Mine , a most highly regarded mine in Brazil. Within its medium-dark sea of Citrine are flashy inclusions of orange/red Hematite (iron) , "floating" wispy ....more info

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**SOLD**Clear Quartz Arch Sculpture

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** Heavenly Slice of Quartz Decor'! Architecturally speaking, this rock Quartz had the good fortune to be carved into a historical pointed arch shape , then was combined with the contemporary features of slight surface curvatures, nice polish, and offset edge widths. All ....more info

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**SOLD**Clear/Smoky Quartz Crackle Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**Also known as Fire and Ice , this feisty Quartz Point has been heated, then cooled, to form crackle-like inclusions from tip to base. Besides being gorgeous, the idea behind the treatment is to create many more surfaces from which light can reflect and energy can travel. ....more info

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**SOLD**Smoky Quartz Amphibole Point

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**A Time Link and DOW Trans-Channeling Crystal, Too (a crystal that both transmits and channels energy)! Water-Clear Smoky Quartz tops this stunning Smoky point from Brazil - ever a top contender in the world of high-quality Quartz. Don't miss TWO awesome Time Link facets, ....more info

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A+ Smoky Quartz Sculpture

Double Terminations, Too! High polish, skillful carving, and soft lines are but a few of the attractive outer visuals of this high-quality free-form Smoky Quartz . In fact, being sculpted into its most unique horizontal, double-terminated shape does wonders for highlighting the spectacular inner ....more info

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Citrine Quartz Channeling Point

Saturated with darker shades of Citrine, this passionate little crystal is larger than life! Great clarity, artful inclusions, and entire corner of flashy rainbow colors come together in an irresistible combination of, well, Citrine! As a Channeling Crystal, (triangle directly opposite a 7-sided ....more info

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Citrine Quartz DOW Point w/Red Hematite

A DOW crystal (named after famed crystal person Jane Dow), is often referred to as a Trans-Channeling Crystal because it is configured (by nature) to both transmit and channel energy! To support its already plentiful energy movement capabilities, this spunky crystal also hosts, in a sea of Citrine, ....more info

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Clear Quartz Channeling Point w/Silver Rutile

Quartz Tower of Power! Yes, this A+ clarity, highly transparent Quartz crystal is overflowing with vital life force! Teeming with coveted Silver Rutile needles (which are primarily Titanium), this 5-star dynamo is simply buzzing with energy! It is said that Silver Rutile not only intensifies energy ....more info

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