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**SOLD**Clear Quartz/Black Tourmaline Sphere

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** Exceptional Specimen! A Clear Quartz Sphere that is so densely included with Black Tourmaline that it is difficult to see from one side of the Clear Quartz to the other! A variety of straight, black needles - thick to thin - are thrown in a crazy, random pattern ....more info

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Clear Quartz Sphere w/Tabular Crystal

**$120.00** Fabulous Inclusions in this 2-lb. Crystal Ball are just not seen every day! High transparency opens up inner views of pretty, wispy veils, rainbows, and scattered dots of a dark mineral...maybe Manganese? But the showstopper is the larger "feather" style inclusion that is light gray ....more info

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Clear/Smoky Quartz Rutile Spheres (Set of 3)

Awesome Golden Rutile! ALL THREE of these cute little Quartz Mini-Spheres twinkle like crazy with sparkly needles of Golden Rutile! A couple of them appear to have a very light Smoky tint, but it's hard to tell with so much golden-hued Rutile jam-packed inside! A+ clarity, A+ quality and virtually ....more info

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Fluorite Sphere

**$44.00** Pretty and Petite! Wow, for a smaller-sized Sphere, this beauty is jam-packed with intense Fluorite colors in very lovely designs. PLUS, it is partially translucent! Polished to a glossy sheen, this mighty mite will shine wherever it is displayed. Don't miss this chance to enjoy a ....more info

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Garnierite Sphere

Garnierite? This was a new one for me! But one look at these luscious apple green colors was all it took to win my vote! Named after its discoverer, Jules Garnier (a French geologist), Garnierite is a layer Silicate of green Nickel ore. Thin ribbons of blue/green, yellow/green, and lighter greens ....more info

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Quartz/Agate Titanium Cut-Out Sphere

**$140.00** Titanium Teaser! Looking for a gemrock that is, well, not just another face in a crowded room? Your search is over! Check out this Quartz, Agate and Basalt Cut-Out Sphere infused with a permanent coating of colorful Titanium! It will knock your socks off! Deeply lush blues provide the ....more info

$140.00 USD
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XL Blue Calcite Sphere

Super-Sized Blue Calcite Orb! It is with great pleasure that I introduce this wonderfully gentle, 23+ lb. Blue Calcite Sphere! For being such a massive Sphere, this opaque beauty is an amazingly tranquil stone, with soft (but strong) energy radiating from intermingled swirls of blue skies and lofty ....more info

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XL Malachite Sphere

Oversized Malachite Orb! A spectacular specimen that is unbelievably attractive, chock full of every Malachite feature you can imagine. Malachite is normally opaque, green banded, and occurring in up to three natural configurations: botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic. this Sphere sports examples ....more info

$876.00 USD
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XL Pyrite Sphere

Big, Bold & Beautiful! Behold this Awesomely Large Metallic Sphere of Iron Pyrite! Weighing in at almost 28 lbs., this ball of Pyrite is massive! Check out the vug-like caverns that wind randomly throughout this hefty orb, each uniquely packed with cubic character. Polished surfaces showcase the ....more info

$972.00 USD
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