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A++ Clear Quartz Sphere

Pure Quartz in A++ Clarity! This is the Crystal Ball that comes to mind when our thoughts roam to wizards, seers and other magical enchantments. Spectacular transparency tempts our thoughts to fly away in a burst of laser-like energy! But no worries. For those who want to keep their feet firmly ....more info

$295.00 USD
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Black Obsidian Sphere

Bold, Black, Beautiful! Technically, this IS a Rainbow Obsidian, but this spirited personality is so much more than that. Subtle rainbow colors are found swirling in several spots, including a light pink (that appears darker in the photos than it will in person). But keep looking! One "end" shows ....more info

$285.00 USD
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Blue Apatite Sphere

Create an Intense Splash of Blue with this Vivid, Striking Sphere of the Mineral Apatite! An interesting aside: Moon rocks collected by astronauts during the Apollo program contain traces of Apatite. So this attractive mineral has celestial relatives! Ground Apatite has been used for years in the ....more info

$129.00 USD
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Celestite Cut-Out Sphere

**$56.00** Celestite Cutie! Carved from a geode yet shaped like a sphere - this cut-out Celestite is cute as can be! A beautiful medium-dark Celestite blue permeates the inner crystal cavern, while the outer surfaces sport the signature white-powder look so recognizable in Celestite. Although this ....more info

$56.00 USD
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Clear/Smoky Quartz Rutile Spheres (Set of 3)

Awesome Golden Rutile! ALL THREE of these cute little Quartz Mini-Spheres twinkle like crazy with sparkly needles of Golden Rutile! A couple of them appear to have a very light Smoky tint, but it's hard to tell with so much golden-hued Rutile jam-packed inside! A+ clarity, A+ quality and virtually ....more info

$96.00 USD
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Garnierite Sphere

Garnierite? This was a new one for me! But one look at these luscious apple green colors was all it took to win my vote! Named after its discoverer, Jules Garnier (a French geologist), Garnierite is a layer Silicate of green Nickel ore. Thin ribbons of blue/green, yellow/green, and lighter greens ....more info

$136.00 USD
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Large Clear Quartz Rainbow Sphere

A Sphere of Indescribable Quartz! A++ Clarity sets the scene for the most stunningly beautiful Quartz Crystal Sphere you can imagine. The photographer (me) could only marginally capture this personality, so be prepared for a surprise when you open this box in person! Optically-clear transparency is ....more info

$750.00 USD
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Large Honey Yellow Calcite Sphere

Attention All Calcite Collectors! Pics do not even come close to doing this Calcite justice; but hopefully, you'll see enough to imagine just how beautiful this large yellow Sphere truly is. Its warm yellow/orange glow is the first eye-catching feature to draw you into its lovely lair. But the ....more info

$356.00 USD
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Lepidolite/Mica Sphere

Lepidolite Sparkler! Check out this Large Lilac Stone that weighs in at almost 9 lbs.! In case you were wondering, Lepidolite is the lavender/lilac-colored member of the Mica group of minerals; and is the secondary source of the metal Lithium. This particular sphere is covered with a random Mica ....more info

$380.00 USD
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Quartz/Agate Titanium Cut-Out Sphere

**$140.00** Titanium Teaser! Looking for a gemrock that is, well, not just another face in a crowded room? Your search is over! Check out this Quartz, Agate and Basalt Cut-Out Sphere infused with a permanent coating of colorful Titanium! It will knock your socks off! Deeply lush blues provide the ....more info

$140.00 USD
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