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A Stunning Phantasm in Quartz! And yes, a Lemurian treasure, too! Physically, this Quartz rock is breathtaking. And it's gemmy, gemmy, gemmy! Cathedral spires tower upward, giving form to the most radiant and brilliant of crystals! Super A+ clarity allows viewing into this high vibratory environment that includes a delicate color show from rainbow inclusions. Place this Crystal on a lighted display stand and see what happens. Wow! Face facets on the large crystal are buff-polished, as are two side facets and cut-flat base. All other facets are earth-natural (except for cleaning), complete with original growth lines and other original markings.

Metaphysically, well, I can only imagine the potential. There are gemrocks that simply defy description. This is one of them. So many questions, so many ancient secrets. Perhaps you, the reader, will be the key that unlocks the gate into this magical portal (it isn't me, or it would be staying right here!) :)

This royal Cathedral Quartz is worthy of admiration, but equally meant to be experienced, not just aesthetically, but in a most visceral manner, on as many levels as one would dare. I bow to the person who will resonate to this crystal on its deepest levels! A bewitching, bedazzling beauty from Brazil!

Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 3" x 6 1/4" tall
Weight: 3.4 lbs.