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**$161.00** With TWO Time Link Facets!! Gorgeous, A+ Quality Crystals rise from the top and one side of an attractive, light-colored Quartz base, in a beautiful spray of light. Tower-like in appearance, this hunky Cluster is loaded with high-clarity crystals and unusual terminations. Quartz crystals, as you know, have a "habit" of growing with six sides (both side and face Facets). On this Cluster, you will find "other-than-six-sided" Facets, with the sizable main crystal being a prime example! Look for the interesting ET crystal on top, too!

Amazingly, there is not one, but TWO Time Link Facets (parallelograms) on this centerpiece crystal! For inquiring minds, the Time Link symbol is said to be an ancient telepathic tool, a perfect means of working both inside and outside of Time's limitations. One is left-leaning, which some say is a good aid for working towards goal achievement. The other is right-leaning, which lends itself to ignition of creativity and inspiration. How phenomenal is that!

PLUS.....Not only is this star-studded cluster a Time Link x 2, the addition of these two Time Link Facets have turned this Rock Star Point into an 8 Face-Faceted crystal instead of the usual 6 - wow! If you hear this siren's call, there's no reason to delay your connection. This is an incredibly special crystal destined for an incredibly special person! Arkansas.

Dimensions: 7" x 5 3/4" x 4 3/4"
Weight: 3.8 lbs.