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STUNNING ONE-OF-A-KIND CUSTOM QUARTZ ART PIECE! A natural clear quartz cluster is the star of this magnificent 2-piece display composition. Its frosty white quartz base transforms into totally transparent tips, replete with colorful rainbows and absolutely no extra matrix rock. Designed to showcase the cluster's awesome quartz points, the custom marble stand adds subtle color and a polished sheen to complement the radiantly clear luster of the softly polished quartz points. Due to the weight, substance and snug custom fit of both pieces together, any stability concerns have been eliminated. Even so, the rock quartz can be gently lifted from the base, giving both pieces a portability option. Another option of "lighted" versus "non-lighted" has also been made available by the addition of two lights inside the base, plus light cord and toggle switch. Make no mistake: this art display is meant to impress, and you will want to place it accordingly, perhaps in your great room, hallway, entryway, or office lobby! (Note: the quartz was mined in Brazil, and the custom marble stand was designed and created by a master artisan in the western US)

Quartz: 39.2 lbs.
Marble Base: 17" x 10" x 8 1/2" tall, 27.8 lbs.
Together: 18" tall, 67.0 lbs. (actual shipping weight will be higher)