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A Sphere that's so unusually uncommon it always garners a second (or even a third) look! Why? Because this eye-catching Amethyst Quartz Sphere, unlike other Amethyst solid or cut-out Spheres, is hollow! Designed by a wonderfully creative cutter/artist, this unique geode has been fashioned into an (almost) bowling ball-sized orb, with a polished outer circumference covered with beautiful, smoothed-over Amethyst crystals. Amid this polished, flat band of Amethyst are areas of smoothed matrix rock, too, also alive with color and lines. Look into this see-thru interior, however, to see a complete lining of the very same dark purple Amethyst crystal points that make Amethyst such a coveted and beloved gemrock!

Whether dressed "up" or "down", incorporating this extraordinary Amethyst Quartz Hollow Sphere into your home or office decor' would be like adding any dramatic art piece into your environment. Timeless and classic, you'll never tire of the look, the colors, the style, or the idea of Amethyst. While anyone would benefit from a gorgeous Amethyst in his/her space, THIS Amethyst is a must-have for the discriminating decorator and/or collector! Brazil.

Dimensions: 7" diameter, 24 5/8" circumference
Weight: 13.6 lbs.