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Wowser! Check out this huge Smoky Quartz Gemrock from Arkansas! It's over 18 lbs. of pure Quartz, with no discernible matrix rock. Just a honkin' huge block of dark Smoky rock! Of course you'll see many pretty crystals (small to the quite large centerpiece point), with an attractive DT (double-terminated) crystal (or two), and even areas of intriguing Elestial-type surfacing! Imagine it on a hearth, front porch, patio, or ??? Perfect placement will be easy with this cluster! Honestly, I suspect that this wonderful entity will never grace the cover of National Geographic magazine or be nominated for any special specimen awards. But he's not shy and retiring, either. No, this Smoky dude is something else altogether: a happy voice for the common rock, a rep for the rocky masses! This cluster marches to his own drummer, loving life as is, content to be all that he can be. If you are a soul who recognizes the beauty in all of nature, then this giant Quartz may be a perfect soulmate!

Dimensions: 13" x 10" x 8"
Weight: 18.2 lbs. (note: as always, shipping weight will be higher)