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**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**You Gotta Love Mookaite! A Super Large Tumbled Rock, this awesome gemrock from the Australian Outback is a picture-perfect fusion of burgundy red, mustard yellow and creamy white colors - mostly polished, and totally appealing! For inquiring minds, Mookaite is actually a fossiliferous sedimentary rock that began life 252-66 million years ago, containing chemical remains of tiny marine organisms known as Radiolaria. Today, as well as being a shockingly colorful decor' piece, Mookaite ("Mooka" is an aboriginal name for "running waters") is gaining popularity around the world for its healing capabilities, too. But whether you prefer visuals OR details, the awesome name itself is enough to make this stone irresistible! Mookaite - an ideal touchstone and flashy eye candy as well! Australia.

Dimensions: 7 3/4" x 7 3/8" x 5" tall
Weight: 9.4 lbs.

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