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Rhapsody in Rhodochrosite! Natural balance is a key component of this beautiful South American Rhodochrosite specimen comprised mostly of Manganese Carbonate. Striking salmon-colored striations, a give-away feature of Rhodochrosite, ribbon across the top half of a rocky landscape. The bottom section, however, is a swirl of mixed metals, mostly Pyrite, Silver and Galena. As an end-cut from a larger Rhodochrosite rock, this attractive specimen is nicely polished on the cut side, but left totally natural on the backside and naturally-flat base.

Commonly found in deposits of Pyrite and Manganese, this Rhodo is an earthy, metallic specimen that is also considered a super energy-grounding aid. The Incas considered Rhodochrosite to be the ancestral blood of their Kings and Queens, and it was known as the "Inca Stone" or "Inca Rose". According to legend, a heart-shaped Rhodochrosite stone lies in a cave deep beneath the Andes, where the heart of Mother Earth beats once every two hundred years!

Love this Rhodochrosite! A sacred, yet every-day stone to ancients, locals, and current Earth dwellers everywhere! Argentina.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 2" x 4" high
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