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Double Terminations, Too! High polish, skillful carving, and soft lines are but a few of the attractive outer visuals of this high-quality free-form Smoky Quartz . In fact, being sculpted into its most unique horizontal, double-terminated shape does wonders for highlighting the spectacular inner features as well. A lovely medium-dark shade of "smoke" surrounds an interior of translucent to semi-transparent (and even transparent) Quartz, showcasing coveted high clarity, fantastic color zoning, and contrasting rainbows bursting with color. Yes, the pictured wood stand is included; but be aware that it is showing a little wear - it came that way! The mining community typically puts their time and energy into the stone itself, rather than into the display venue. But you won't even need a stand with this art piece: simply place the cut, smoothly polished base on any surface for scratch-free display! There's no doubt that you will love the artful new twist on this classic Smoky favorite! Brazil.

Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 2" wide x 7 1/2" tall
Weight: 7.2 lbs.