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A++ Clarity! This exquisite crystal is incredibly special in so many ways, it's hard to find a starting point. Looking at the photos may give you the "idea" of this piece, but that's about it. This crystal is all about essence! Scattered dots of Chlorite reflect the light and twinkle like tiny diamonds all over, a nice backdrop for several diagonal phantom planes gracing one side. Look through the transparent base to spy the perfectly formed, pristine phantom that stretches from one side to the other (no, I didn't even attempt to photograph this awesome phenomenon). And on the polished exterior, there is a side facet that is very unusually curved (it may have been cut that way, I'm not sure).
Exceptional clarity means exceptional energy. Try holding this powerhouse in the vicinity of your third eye to discover how YOU receive it! Without a doubt, this is a crystal to experience! A high octane, high voltage thriller! Brazil.

Dimensions: 2 1/2" x 1 5/8" x 2 3/4" tall
Weight: 0.7 lbs.