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Rare Quartz Sculpture, and what a find! A Scepter Crystal is a famed configuration of Quartz that is so distinctive, it is recognizable anywhere, on sight. Just to be clear, this sizeable Quartz was carved into its scepter shape (unlike a naturally-occurring Scepter that is technically one crystal that grows over the top of another, with an expanded head on top of a smaller stem). This Scepter top is unusually transparent, with A+ clarity and views of icicle-like inclusions that appear to float within. A frosty white Quartz base shows off intermingled ribbons of yellow Iron (Hematite), and all surfaces are polished, with several "naturals" on facet lines and faces.

It's an energy Channeling Crystal, too (ID'd by a perfect top triangle directly opposite a 7-sided face facet). Channeling Crystals are known in some circles to be the Sage of the Crystal Clan, the stone for scientists and seekers. So while, for obvious reasons, a Scepter Quartz is known on the physical level as a totem of fertility, it's energy-channeling features make this Crystal a superior vehicle for transmission of directional energy on an etheric level. A tip: if you look through the 7-sided facet to the top triangle on the other side, you'll see a 3-dimensional pyramid effect!

And check out the fabulous - and coveted - Window Facet! A definite portal to ???

I'm guessing you have not yet seen such a huge, attractive and talented Scepter Crystal. So if this intriguing Quartz catches your eye, you may want to take action quickly. It's not likely you'll cross paths with another like it - ever! Madagascar.

Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 10 1/8" tall
Weight: 9.8 lbs.