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**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD**A Sphere of Indescribable Quartz! A++ Clarity sets the scene for the most stunningly beautiful Quartz Crystal Sphere you can imagine. The photographer (me) could only marginally capture this personality, so be prepared for a surprise when you open this box in person! Optically-clear transparency is one feature; incomparable inclusions are another. While one area displays an attractive wispy veil amidst a few smaller "cuts", the other inclusions are anything BUT ordinary! Look for the orange/yellow Hematite "feather". It is said to be very good luck, indeed, when an animal feather "finds" you. Imagine discovering a crystal feather in your Sphere! Very special!

Next check out the two major reflective "sheets" that divide this Sphere somewhat into three areas. If your perspective is anything like mine, they will appear like living, moving molten glass! The rainbows created by these extraordinary inclusions are, quite simply, ravishing. I can almost hear your gasp when you connect with this Sphere for the first time. It is breathtaking. A Phenomenal Sphere destined for a Phenomenal Person! Might that person be YOU??? Brazil. Note: Black/white lighted marble stand in photo included.

Dimensions: 4" diameter, 12 1/4" circumference
Weight: 3.0 lbs.

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