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Yes! Rubies! Check out this fascinating Sphere of Opaque Red Ruby and Green Zoisite to easily pick out Ruby after Ruby within its whirling sea of Zoisite. Look closely for spots of Blue Kyanite, too, amidst multi-shades of light to dark green (and white) Zoisite. FYI, Zoisite, a mineral from Tanzania, includes several gem varieties (the most famous and well-known being Tanzanite). So, the variety called Ruby Zoisite (also known as Anyolite) comes from great stock! It's considered a minor gem and is used frequently in carvings of beads, animals, etc.; hence, this flashy carved Sphere with super color and contrast. And it fluoresces under a blacklight! Some consider the combo of fiery red Ruby and earthy green Zoisite to be the perfect marriage of passion and patience. But however you prefer to view it, I guarantee that you will be delighted to have this vibrant specimen nearby!

Dimensions: 5" diameter, 15 1/2" circumference
Weight: 7.0 lbs.