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Lepidolite Sparkler! Check out this Large Lilac Stone that weighs in at almost 9 lbs.! In case you were wondering, Lepidolite is the lavender/lilac-colored member of the Mica group of minerals; and is the secondary source of the metal Lithium. This particular sphere is covered with a random Mica design that lends it a sort of celestial appeal--and sparkles like crazy, all over! Outside of a couple mini-sized natural areas, this pretty orb is polished smooth, and is oh-so-nice to the touch. The end result is a sparkling vision in lavender - soft and understated, yet magnetically attractive.

Lepidolite was one of the first gemrocks in my collection, so has long been a special mineral to me. I still have that original rock, but was thrilled to come across this spectacular -- and larger -- Sphere. While it's true that Lithium is used in anti-depressant medications (and is said to aid those with ADD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, etc.), I've always considered Lepidolite to simply be one of the prettiest, softly colorful gemrocks around. Let Lepidolite be an elegant complement to the rest of your purple collections (be it clothing, flowers, bed coverings, or other rock specimens). I highly recommend it! Madagascar. Note: stands in photos not included.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" diameter, 17 1/4" circumference
Weight: 8.8 lbs.