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Bold, Black, Beautiful! Technically, this IS a Rainbow Obsidian, but this spirited personality is so much more than that. Subtle rainbow colors are found swirling in several spots, including a light pink (that appears darker in the photos than it will in person). But keep looking! One "end" shows off a gorgeous circle of radiant golden sheen, surrounded by circular halos that repeat down to about midline. At that point, the halo lines begin to swirl with movement, forming two "eyes"? that rest in a celestial sea of stars. Very galactic! Although deep and dark, this intrepid personality is anything but quiet! A change in display lighting or position will promote different features, bringing out accents you may not see if kept stationary. This friendly black beauty will make a great solo display OR be the grounding base rock for your gemrock collection, particularly one with high octane Quartz crystals in it! Oregon. Note: stands in photos not included.

Dimensions: 6 1/4" diameter, 16 1/2" circumference
Weight: 6.4 lbs.