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**"Howlite" Cluster w/Stand**

Unique and Colorful Decor' Piece! Howlite, a predominantly white stone, is frequently dyed blue to resemble the color of Turquoise, as has been this ... more info

Model: MC467
$120.00 USD
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**Labradorite Bookends**

Called "Fire Labradorite", this pair of Labradorite Bookends is not Labradorite as usual! Mined from the Labradorite Quarry near Maniry, Madagascar, ... more info

Model: MC485
$210.00 USD
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**SOLD**Smoky DT Quartz

**SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD** Check this out! Here's a Smoky Quartz Cluster that started out slightly larger, and more handsome...until one area ... more info

Model: MC392
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2-Lb. Copper Ingot

In the words of Sherlock's elemental, dear Watson! And this 2-lb. Ingot of .999 Fine Copper certainly is! Shrink-wrapped for tarnish ... more info

Model: MPOL216
$37.00 USD
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A+ Gem-Quality Citrine DT Quartz Sculpture on Stand

A Sculpture as Clear as Glass- but it isn't! It's hard to wrap a mind around the fact that this extraordinary Citrine Quartz actually lived within ... more info

Model: MPOL250
$680.00 USD
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Amethyst Cactus (Spirit) Quartz Cluster

Spectacular Cactus Quartz "Scepter" from South Africa! Two awesome crystals sport the distinct cactus formation of tiny druzy crystals encrusting ... more info

Model: MC256
$74.00 USD
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Amethyst Quartz Crescent Burr w/Stand

Spectacular Amethyst Art! Exquisite grape-jelly crystals are highlighted on both sides of this crescent-shaped Amethyst, IDing it as a partial burr ... more info

Model: AQ130
$290.00 USD
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Amethyst/Calcite w/Two Stands

Artsy Amethyst! Solo, this chunk of large-point, dark purple Amethyst Geode topped with large-point Calcite crystals is simply awesome! In fact, ... more info

Model: AQ138
$462.00 USD
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Aqua Green Aura Quartz Cluster

Aqua Aura with a Twist! Beautiful rainbow iridescence identifies this super Clear Quartz Cluster as a community of colorful Aura Crystals . Of course ... more info

Model: MC415
$108.00 USD
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**$40.00** We are proud and excited to introduce our exclusive new Black & White Marble LED-Lighted Display Stands, designed and created by an artist ... more info

$40.00 USD
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