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Clear Quartz Phantom Point w/Chlorite

A++ Clarity! This exquisite crystal is incredibly special in so many ways, it's hard to find a starting point. Looking at the photos may give you the  ...more info

  • Model: CQPOL307
$140.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Point w/Heavy Rutile

Rutilated to the Max! Thick, dense, copper-brown needles of Rutile crisscross everywhere inside this A+ clarity Clear Quartz Point. Called "hair" in  ...more info

  • Model: CQPOL293
$120.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Clear Quartz Pyramid w/Rutile

Pyramid Power! Pyramids don't often appear with the high degree of clarity showing in this little sparkler. But this

  • Model: CQPOL296
$260.00 USD
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Clear Quartz Recordkeeper Point on Shard

Stunning Quartz Point! A+ clarity highlights the interior of this highly transparent, water-clear Quartz, with just enough inclusionary activity to  ...more info

  • Model: CQ166
$288.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Clear Quartz Trans Channeling Tower w/Yellow Hematite

Golden Yellow Beauty! A Fabulous Clear Quartz Tower, with its 7-3-7-3-7-3 face facet formation, parades as both a receiver and transmitter of energy  ...more info

  • Model: CPOL323
$252.00 USD
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Clear Quartz w/Lighted Rose Quartz Base

Feel the Love radiate from this detachable 3-pc. Lighted Quartz Set, complete with high-quality transparent clear quartz crystal tower, custom-carved  ...more info

  • Model: GC40
$825.00 USD
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Clear Selenite on Flower Amethyst

Clear Selenite and Amethyst in a most unique and unusual composite! A gorgeous transparent slice of Selenite has been paired with a Flower Amethyst  ...more info

  • Model: MC274
$473.00 USD
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Clear/Smoky Quartz Rutile Spheres (Set of 3)

Awesome Golden Rutile! ALL THREE of these cute little Quartz Mini-Spheres twinkle like crazy with sparkly needles of Golden Rutile! A couple of them  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL78
$96.00 USD
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Cut Agate Geode w/Stand

A Beautiful Agate Geode that is quite attractive from any vantage! Mostly polished , the dark-shaded exterior surfaces glow with reflected light,  ...more info

  • Model: MC360
$156.00 USD
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Fluorite Display Stand

Pure, unadulterated Fluorite in the stunning colors we all love! Deep, occult greens, blues, and teals abound, with splashes of purple throughout.  ...more info

  • Model: MDIS-FL1
$70.00 USD
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