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Quartz/Agate Titanium Cut-Out Sphere

**$140.00** Titanium Teaser! Looking for a gemrock that is, well, not just another face in a crowded room? Your search is over! Check out this  ...more info

  • Model: MC380
$140.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Rainbow Sandstone Double-Lighted Display Stand

The Second Generation of our Popular Sandstone Lighted Display Stand has Arrived -- now with TWO Lights! Awesome, thick-sliced Rainbow Sandstone has  ...more info

  • Model: MDIS-SRX2
$90.00 USD
In Stock: 2

We are proud and excited to introduce our exclusive new Rainbow Sandstone LED-Lighted Display Stands, designed and created by an artist friend right  ...more info

  • Model: MDIS-SR
$40.00 USD
In Stock: 4
Rose Quartz Mask Carving

Mask and Masquerade in A+ Translucent Rose Quartz! This is one of those artistic pieces that simply defies description -- because it creates a mood,  ...more info

  • Model: GC59
$849.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Ruby Zoisite Sphere

Yes! Rubies! Check out this fascinating Sphere of Opaque Red Ruby and Green Zoisite to easily pick out Ruby after Ruby within its whirling sea of  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL275
$315.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Sardonyx Free-Form Sculpture

Look at the size of this 12-lb. Sardonyx! Polished to a "T", this colorful Chalcedony (combo of Sard and Onyx) is a WOW piece - much, much larger  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL276
$322.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Seraphinite Sphere

Seraphinite - The Stone of Angels! Also called Serafina, this nice-sized, coveted gemrock orb is named after Seraphim, the highest order of Angels,  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL296
$525.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Skull Duo in Smoky Quartz Sculpture

Smokin' Smoky Skulls! Smoky Quartz provides the backdrop for this pair of fiendish skull faces, the yin and yang of skull culture. Stuck together for  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL144
$240.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Smoky Quartz Druze Cluster

**$120.00** Sparklin' Smoky! Straight, stately Smoky Points reach up, outward, and every which way in this mad-cap mix of dark, deeply smoked  ...more info

  • Model: MC208
$120.00 USD
In Stock: 1
Smoky Quartz Elestial, Time Link, Phantom Point

Look Inside this Majestic Smoky Quartz! It's high-clarity Sea of Quartz showcases one of the best examples of color-zoning you'll see. Thin straight  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL99
$265.00 USD
In Stock: 1