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Seraphinite Sphere

Seraphinite - The Stone of Angels! Also called Serafina, this nice-sized, coveted gemrock orb is named after Seraphim, the highest order of Angels,  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL296
$525.00 USD
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Shan Mu Display Stand - Small

From an Asian Shan Mu tree , this beautiful hand-carved wood stand is the perfect display venue for your gemrock treasures, including spheres,  ...more info

  • Model: MDIS-SM2
$25.00 USD
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Skull Duo in Smoky Quartz Sculpture

Smokin' Smoky Skulls! Smoky Quartz provides the backdrop for this pair of fiendish skull faces, the yin and yang of skull culture. Stuck together for  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL144
$240.00 USD $180.00 USDSave: 25% off
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Smoky Quartz Double-Phantom Point

Within this pristine, optically-clear Smoky Quartz are TWO (and even more) phantom layers to die for! Also, watch a beautiful medium shade of "smoke"  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL127
$104.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz DT Burr

Double Terminated Diva! DT points abound in this Smoky Quartz landscape of crystals, crystals, and more crystals! In fact, the only "crystal-free"  ...more info

  • Model: MC280
$390.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Elestial, Time Link, Phantom Point

Look Inside this Majestic Smoky Quartz! It's high-clarity Sea of Quartz showcases one of the best examples of color-zoning you'll see. Thin straight  ...more info

  • Model: MPOL99
$265.00 USD
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Smoky Quartz Flame w/Rutile

Tinged with a light Smoky aura , this exquisite Quartz Flame is simply sublime! Delicate needles of shiny golden Rutile, especially near the top,  ...more info

  • Model: CQPOL226
$126.00 USD
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Spanish Plume Agate

Picture Perfect Agate! Agates with inclusions are incredibly unique, and this Spanish Point Plume is no exception. Inclusions occur when metallic  ...more info

  • Model: MC489
$80.00 USD
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Splash Copper Mini w/Stand

**$41.00** Born with a Splash of Molten Copper! Don't even ask me the color of this chameleon - one time it's blue, another it's green, then it's  ...more info

  • Model: MC318
$41.00 USD
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Splash Copper w/Red Cuprite

Exquisite Copper Art! When it comes to Splash Copper, no two pieces are alike. Each time molten Copper is poured onto a flat surface, a new, unique  ...more info

  • Model: MC452
$60.00 USD
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